What’s New



Easy Dose is a practical solution for chemical dosing into Irrigation systems and other applications where pressurized water lines require metered chemical injection. The system combines simplicity with technology to meet the requirements of many applications.



The DEMA Nitro Plus DISHWASHING dispenser is the evolution of compact and versatile dispensers. Taking all those must-have and wanted features from the design, now designed for larger applications.

  Safe Link™ Closed Loop Chemical Management System with Dura Seal® Technology

Uniquely designed with dispensing equipment in mind, sealed, spill-proof bottles and connections virtually eliminate worker exposure to harsh chemicals. Dilutions are accurate, controlling use and reducing cost. Meets all national and international standards.

  WATCH GUARD™ Reservoir-Mounted Float Valve System

This system sets a new standard in float valve design. Hang-ups and flooded floors are reduced to a minimum with the WATCH GUARD™ water valve activation system’s superior design. Float is filled with water-soluble material, unlike competitors’ system-clogging sand.


DEMA’S Low Level Alarm is the low level and out-of-product alarm system that can be used as a stand alone unit with virtually any dispenser or as an integral part of DEMA’s Atlas laundry, Titan and Nitro warewash dispensers. Its patent-pending touch-less design isolates electronics from chemicals eliminating the potential for chemical attack plus works with all chemistry regardless of conductivity.